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DigiCasa EZ Player 2.0
The Ultimate Full Screen Front-End for Windows Media Player!

DigiCasa EZ Player is a full featured, easy to use audio player application designed to be used in your home theatre system; from the most basic to the most complex setups.  It is simple enough to be operated by the whole family.  Nonetheless, it's simplicity and ease of use masks a very sophisticated application which allows you to access and playback your entire music library in exactly the way you desire.

The DigiCasa EZ Player works extremely well in a home theatre based on the DigiCasa Una hardware platform but will run in any PC based home theatre that meets the EZ Player software requirements.

Find your music.  EZ Player lets you search by Artist, Album and Genre so you can quickly find the music you want to play.

Set the mood.  Don't want to choose specific songs?  Just tell EZ Player what you're in the mood for and it will find songs from your collection that match.  How about an evening of Jazz?  Or maybe you want jumpstart the party with a night of Dance and Rock music?  Just tell EZ Player and it's done.

Non-Stop Music.  No need to do any choosing at all.  EZ Player offers one click (or button press on a remote) access to random playback of all of the music in your collection.

Use your TV.  EZ Player was designed with an uncluttered interface and large, clear, easy to read text.  This makes it perfect for display on your television.  So, hook your computer up to your TV and enjoy your music from the comfort of your couch.

Simple setup.  Got your music already stored on your computer using Windows Media Player?  EZ Player will automatically access and display your music.  Buy a Streamzap remote, plug it in and start playing your music right away.  The Streamzap remote will automatically recognize and control the EZ Player.  (EZ Player can also be controlled with the mouse, keyboard and other remotes).

Awesome visualisations.   EZ Player is compatible with all of the great visualisations available for Windows Media Player.

Easy Networking.  Want to access your music from multiple computers?  No problem.  Install EZ Player on each computer.  Designate the one where your music library is as the server.  Set the other computers as clients.  That's it!  No knowledge of networking required!.  EZ Player servers and clients will automatically connect to each other. 

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